Once upon a time,
surrounded by an indiscrete hair,
the colour of shiny bronze,
Somewhere, someone
was saying that
I should be nicknamed "The Sunflower".

And if it was so
obviously I would negate
with an "absolute interdiction"
to have been confused
with the red hair rag doll
and filled up from head to toe
with straw
placed in the fields for a purpose
whom everyone called and know as

Gela Marghidan

Degree of Fine Art Faculty
Timisoara, Promotion 1973

Trompe l'oeil and faux finishes studies at
the "Otis Parsons" University, SUA

Art work exhibitions
and oil paintings in private collections in
Montpellier - France
Heildelberg, Freiburg - Germany
London - England
Los Angeles, Boston, Monteray - SUA
Timisoara, Bucharest - Romania

Paintings in interior.